Wasting No Time

by The Noise Above

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Timely father
If 9 could make me
Then half effort
Was put in your daughter
Cause she done birthed kids
As left
As my father
Worst is
Y'all can't see
Who grinds
Working the hardest
On lord
I been stretching my minutes
Compressing the image
Just to focus on 4 minute
I wrote for the people
I wish you could hear em
It's the first of the month
You been waiting to see
What you've waited to see
Since the days
We Would barter and forage
Pits filled with lies
We were hunted
That golden brick road
Turned to dust we would
Snort for enjoyment
Crack rock
Ran through the hood
fast as
Gun shot
Blocka block
blood on every block
We just bodies
With no conscious
Use our blood for the sign
While they banking off
The pain we would hide
In the music
Lies in the blues
Put our fears in the tooleys
N shoot till
Our lives are a movie
It's a long way down
Go head and jump
If you got a parachute you better
Use it
Funny what these blogs will call music
Oh Lord

Wasting No TIME
Many of the many wouldn't last without a co-sign
But I'm goin up
N that's in no time
Time I've been spending
So you know I'm not

I know I'm flirting
With Zion
Marching to find
The diabolical mind
I find
Gold in these hills
But hill have eyes
And I've seen
That side
I find
life isn't a test
But everybody a student
So whiteness my protest
And my lecture
Elect with the answer
To problems
Not a g check
We check records
The example
Triple x
I'm Scratched out
Ain't rough sex
You take our seeds so
What's next?
You get popped
We watch pops
Walk out into the night
Of lust
We find time to fuck ourselves
She give top for the low
With no top
milk spoiled
But her stroke top notch
I find
Love is a outreach
Know what you push out
To receive back
And that's just plain physics
People just don't get it
We take and take
We fuel our tank
And toss the barrel in the ghetto
Get the shovel
Dig us out this hell hole
You could lend your voice
Instead of dollar
hand your incentive
So if you leave
Then that's the bullet you'll swallow
Lay my life on the line
If you calling
Live a thousand lives
And tell me your true callings
I done picked up as fast I
Hung it
No worry
I'll burden hate until
We reach the target
In no time


Time is just a tool of reassurance
Making sure that everything is flowing
Flowing flowing
I could see this peaking in the future
But why don't we just live here for the moment
Moment moment
You could say I've seen what I can harness
Seen what eve was picking in the garden
Seen the turmoil turn to peace
But fault lines are sure to follow
Looking out I'm peaking from the gallows
And they ain't wasting no time
Our worlds meet
At the coastline
Fatal attracted
Traction on this high speed
Vertical to the heavens
Wine was placed
On a coaster
Time and time
Fly or die
That's the our sentence
We slope
Pray to God we both fly
Now do you get it
These lights years
Between us
Will burry our message
In no time

Wasting No TIME
Many of the many wouldn't last without a co-sign
But I'm goin up
N that's in no time
Time I've been spending
So you know I'm not

This is for love
This is for my unborn son
This is for my partners in the struggle
Bonded closer than huddle
Hopping out the van
With four fours
And got more straps than the Taliban
This is for the world
This is for the shots
That all missed
This is for my brothers in the dirt
This is for the ones in a hearse
This is for lost
This is for the lines they can't cross
I'ma speak
Until my inner most thoughts become fruition
Even if they take me out picture
This is for the words that live on and will inspire
All who listen
This is for the Noise & the gifted
This is for my mother and my brothers
Only gotta few and man I love em
this is for the girl that makes sense
This is for the Win
I ain't afraid to take risks
This is for the ones
That represent
You ain't wasting no time
You ain't wasting no time
no time
Got one life to live...


released January 24, 2015
Prod. The Noise



all rights reserved


The Noise Above New York, New York

Passion in the form of music

Everything Self produced

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