The Noise​:​Inside&Out

by The Noise Above

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The Noise album enjoy!


released September 14, 2014

All production handled by The Noise



all rights reserved


The Noise Above New York, New York

Passion in the form of music

Everything Self produced

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Track Name: Kill the Noise Ft. The Hics
(Everybody quiet
Kill the noise)

Is anyone home?
I knocked but no one answered
All I heard was a tune
Mimicking the shadows
Seen by the distance dances...
I can be a Charlotte web
Wrapped the pig
Past his chest and ribs
Bubble wrap package
Guess I'm m feeling boxed
But wait till I'm RICH!!
Pussy my drug of choice
Put y'all onto that noise
Bet this different
From noise
Damn y'all
Still do the same shit
Different toilet
Same game
Just add quarter
Same kills
Different order
Rigor Morris
Aint shit given to us......

I been with the shits since
I been tryna find the reason
They never listen never get it
Oh oh
Will they learn
That burying lies
In soil
Only mean hate will crack the surface
Tainted the oil
Fuck yo peace
Bought for the day
Nigga fuck yo lease
Pardon my French
Let me cut this leash
Pass him the saw
Let him choose his creed
More than choice it's a
Wave and boat
Part at sea
Not a force on earth
Live with a curse
Unwilling that's free
Now he baptized
Sank to the bottom
With a gun in his clutch
And a
Weight on his feet
I been with the shits since
I been tryna find the reason
They never listen never get it
Oh oh
Now they gon see
Where pure perfection and persistence meet
Locked the door
And swallow the key

I been with the shit
They been on some other
Rain will wash away
The wrongs
We gave em to eachother
Now I'm so comflicted
Nobody would get it
But who pose to know
Life is one big horoscope
I been with the shit
Fighting me
Fighting time
Fighting life
Cause I've been
Pacing up and down
To calm the sounds
That no one see
Seeing sounds
Hear the noise and see
I been with the shit
Tryna prove to me
That it's all worth it
But I'm working
Nobody will see it
I'll just keep feeding em
And they'll
Confine me to a secret
That gets passed
Until it's rumor
Swallow pride
And look to futures
But it's music
Tryna craft
A lethal weapon and I'll use it a

I been with the shits since
I been tryna find the reason
They never listen never get it
Oh oh

Is anyone home
Kill the noise (x3)

Does anybody like rap
Speak ya mind
And fight back
Back in the day we would march
Now settle for a blunt and a night cap
Cap that nigga In the back
Heard he move string like gepetto
Cage a brother right into the ghetto
See the through the crack
There's a light in the meadow
One step
It's looking like bait
Never trust hands
That'll pull not grab
But I'll grab that grip
On the MAg
Cycle don't stop
Won't change
Psychos don't think
They rage
Don't you know time won't wait
For a slow mind better catch

(Better catch up today)
Track Name: Grow Up
Never wanna grow up
Grow up
Never wanna grow up
I will run around life bout two times
I wil run high low across to the sky
Heaven is hell
He'll is earth
Of my kind
From the light
That will blind on first sight

This that when I see you
Bet you leave elated
Adam found that being naked
Mean ya feelings open
And the snake will take it
Bite the other end
Vote or die
Nigga I'll still give a maybe
Anything that set in stone
Is their record
A chizzle probably go and change it
Bitch I work relentless
Swear to lord
The morge is filled with anguish
And my niggas hangin
Got a pot to piss
People piss poor addicts
On the block waiting
Swear I see the same shit and
Told my other self I ain't shit
Swear You pinping but you with the same bitch
God I need to find a real chick
Real is plaque
And back when Being fake was ancient
Back when friends were really there
Really down to a ride
Nothing really matter too
Time to grow up
Really fast
Cause a lot really fake dudes
And a lot of times
I don felt the pain
Manic wasnt in my range
But it's funny cause I figured shit would change
Life is full of weird games
If you winning
Reap the precious fruit of gain
Grow until
You find the root
Find the root of evil
And it dwells in brains
Voyage on the way to truth
truth of life
Is life is death and we are all
Theory of the weakest link
Tryna shape what everyone can fucking think
But think

Damnnn (lower pitch)

La la la la

Verse two
Another story
Same life
Cycle never ending
State of purgatory
Purging all the sin
Plus the thoughts of end
Cause ending it
Would be the easy way
Ending it
Would ease away
The evil demon leading us
To freedom land
Cause even people
Eat the trash
we feeding them
Could they fork it down
Then Spit it up
The rules they forcing down our throat
Will we duck down
Or stand up
Support the joint
With honorees
Fuck a stupid punk
Who punk outtah the beef
Money only fosters greed
I'm waiting for the earth to fight back
How we fighting for a fucking false attack
Got me thinking damn is this really life?
Is what we doing really right?
Feed me drug to sleep
And I'll be really Mike
Rather live a lie then live a easy life
Cause life a joke
N trust me Heath is fine
Pack a pack of middle fingers
And a glass of wine
Pass the venom
Till the pastor
Voice is gone
Then I'll pass the poison to
The pack of nuns
Tuck the venom back In mouth and
Then I'm gone
Back into the night
Where freaks are
Bed of doubts
Is what I sleep on
Followed by a lady
Playing With the woody
Like my name is Pixar
Picking up on things I learned from
List of niggas I ain't heard from
Fuck it..........
Track Name: Cassie
Don't care
Bout a way out
My whereabouts
Are my way in
The same nigga
That baracaded himself inside of his room for four years
Reading manga
And watching daily anime flicks
Flicking the bums who judge me
couldn't ask me
Half of the shit u ask on internet
Not in person
The worst thing
They not consistent
Bold on the MacBook
But in person
I missed them
Where the hell you been?
Been slaving away
With a keyboard
And a program
In a cold confine
Got a coat
Then I caught a cold
Then I beat the shit
Like Ike Tina
But really I'm feeling
Like cas calling
Cast call for the actors
Raise your hand if you ever snitches on your master
So you did
It's really funny cuz I knew you show your colors
Like you bang for your set

Same niggas that said they don't fuck with me
All of sudden
wanna fuck with me
Don't get it twisted because you smoking a blunt with me
You not my nigga
Unless I'm throwing out guts with you
I'm very sorry if my misleading
The game fucked with the bullshit artists
We being mislead
But I don't care tho
They suck us dry
Till we searching for our brain
In the oz
Like a scarecrow
can't even think straight
These niggas tuff but they menstrate
Legs back n fourth
Rocking forward
I don't die
Cuz trapeze wasn't my thing
Unless we hood niggas
Trap easy to the ones
Who gangbang
slang ye
Mask on the two holes
Two toots
Killing niggas like it's KK
We should spread the love like a hippy
We said fuck the love and took the piffy

But Cassie she different
She want to go another way
She told me I could do it without killing or a hustle
I just listen
And before I knew it
Now we slipping
Kill eachother ON the battlefield
Only way the gov will see us cry
Is we raise our hands high into the stratosphere
And even there they'll shoot us
So we keep our hand low
N she grab mine
Kissed me told me everything will be fine
Funny cuz I knew it wasn't gunna be
But Cassie different
So I let her walk in front of me
Cassie she different
Cassie she different
Cassie is something else

Love like the arts in a theatre
Dramatic and it's all for the show
But Cassie she not a pawn
She a leader
She speak her mind to let the thespians know
Trapped in a cave all black
shadows in this phantom of the opra
I'm lost if my hand won't grab
Ripped the chains from your mind young man
Got damn
Where Cassie when I need her
My hearts cold cause my lover gone
My feet froze can't walk on
My arms locked like lock jaw
That one thing
I couldn't say and she walk off
Thugs hustle right around the corner
And Cassie alone
Even if she mad I shoulda walked her ass home
So I'm running and I finally get a ring on my phone
She missing
Have you seen her
My heart dropped when I heard that
I told her mother I would call back
Walked back
To the spot where we last met
N she wasn't there
Walked to the corner where I think she dissapeared
While I'm looking I could smell the sweet scent from her hair
Everywhere I turn
I think I see her over there
Then it's left
Is it right
If I stopped right here
Cause life ain't fair
Take a soul take it back to land
While we here
Passing flowers and the tears
Cassie she different
Cassie she different
I might see what I'm missing
Cassie she different

Her eyes look past the false world
Only when she look through my lens
Only when we stop to slow dance
Cause life fast and we need our moments
Cassie she different
Cassie she different
Track Name: Q-Tips & Crackers
Q tips and crackers
Loose lips that
Loose meaning
End up being
Let downs & afters
After hearing shit I need q-tip
Real bad
And that crackers for the stresss I handle after
Here's a gimmick
Love is like a fire
Leave it to long
And everything that holds life is now
Keep it to confined
And it always need more
So I gave it to em

Any message needed ill relay it to em
Better late than never ima make it to em
Bet I got potential
I ain't sleeping
Ima cater to it
You niggas talking
Homie prove it
Other than that
I need q-tip..
Always In the cut
I keep it silent
Let my music do the talking
And I'm talking to a new chick
If it don't work
Peace to you
Many women
Watch me jump into the mosh pit
Or maybe not
Maybe I'm just all I got
A lot hands
Wanting something
can a nigga get it back?!
I keep a stack of bibles with me
Holy water on dash
Spilling !
Tell me is the rain
Gunna last
Wash away a little wrong
A ways away
From breaking bad
Even if I mix it with the rock
Ash a little powder
Leave a residue stain on my smock
And I'm looking at clock
Like it's crunch time
All my nuggas hungry
Man we posted on that lunch line!
Pull up with the motion
Like the fair for a bus ride
All the shit you doing it was once mine
And all these niggas acting like I didn't give em life
Don't trip
They can thank me in the long run
A hundred meter
Why you tryna fit ya squad
In a two seater
With the top down
Ladies say you need a 2 liter
All I need is 2 speakers
And I'll rock out

Crowd surf
With my tongue out
Team full of hitters like adug out
Mean what I say
And I say what I see
So get used to the noise
And don't get used for free
There's a cost and effect
For a heart full of threats
Here's a cracker
Take a bite and let it out after
Damn that was a lot
Pass a q-tip
I put the world on the plater
You can guess the work that follow after

I been hearing bout the new shit
So let me give y'all shit to talk about
An everyone an expert
Nigga rate your own work
All I need is q-tips & cracks
I been hearing all about the new shit
Everybody tryna get rich
Where the love?
Tryna push the culture
Where ya heart at
Can't win if you ain't look where you start at (x2)
You just need
Q-tips & crackers

Never trust a person saying trust me
A trust the loudest person in the room
Shoot the moving target on the move
Press the button lead is closer to our doom
Headed through a portal titled
Fuck me
We all through it
One nigga jump
We all do it
I should chug a pint of car fluid
Then I'll be gassed
Light a fire right on my ass then
Boom .(add drop)
They should know
As in you don't know anything
Anyone who knows the real me
Is a she'll of old thoughts
So you couldn't tell me anything
What's wrong witcha
Just chill and take a q-tip
It's gon hit you
When u go n hear the new shit
So run Forrest
U can reach it if u
Start now
Assume position
Get ready for the count down
Track Name: Pain (Interlude)
Wad of cash
New life
Power pain is right in front u
The underlying truth
Is haunting
But the motive fuck ya feelings
Keep it pushing
But it's if you loose it
Can you really bounce back
Back is hid behind a shell
Cause times are heavy
Plus ya pen pal ain't right back
Only hope as sanity
Because we all

Women lie
Men lie
People try
Not enough
Care enough
To put the extra time
Time again and time again
We let it fall
Where we stand
All alone
Trapped inside
The thought of letting go
Trapped inside the thought of hearing no
Takes time
Takes trust
Takes help
Take us
Back into the home we ran away from
Fade to black
Erasing pain and loved ones
There you go
Same shit
Same thoughts
Same tricks
Same little games
We play em daily
I'll be the bigger man
To take the L
Take my heart
And chuck it down the wishing well
Since I couldn't keep it
No one can
Since you couldn't see
That I was down
Lucky karma follows back around
Lucky I was strong to turn around
But I
Know you
Know that when it comes
You gunna fall
And I pray to lord that day
Hope you call on me
When you feel the

A people's nation
Where ass backwards words can rearrange into the word
The hate that'll divide
Is a rampant tide
That drowns your truth
In blood
With blood we create bonds
But will bonds come trial
The idea of survival
Is trivial
If it's a questions over food or sanity
I'll gladly spoon through my cranium for thought
Who could even fathom the term
The symbols behind day and night
When lies come to the light
And lies blind the truth
It's Pain...
Track Name: Snorlax
I am not home
I went to mt moon
And got lost!
So lost that my first sight was all black
No flash
In the wild
If you die
That's yo ass!

I ain't seen joy in a minute
I done seen boyz
Holding guns
And we ain't have a civil war in a minute
Damn he menace
In my hood
Homies don't die
They sell they minds
To the media blogs
And team rock
Got cats that talk to the pigs
All on one farm
Sell your arm and a leg
For a new check sign
On your feet
Sacrifice ya sheep
Just to /Aytwatch ya net worth go
Google that!
It's Villain rap and
You a henchmen
The best kids quiet , they
Listen and
expect shit
specs to glass
Mean your sight is eccentric
Call my squirrtel and surf over to
the next bitch

Got misty throwing smoke
Not gasly
Hit the water gun
Now she wanna spend the night with me
Said she want the bread
Where the jiffy
I said fuck the head
I am dipping
Ain't no way in hell
I'ma stay in a room with a
Might have to kill me
But at least I'll die pretty

Girls down south
Shop at piggly wiggly
Getting jiggly jiggly
Fall asleep after we puff
Then it's back to the remedy
Got damn
We gone....
IMA have to put my niggas on!
Got a tree house up on route 4
If you with it we can go
Little not the lingo
But it's little that she knows
Turn a hoe into something
I bet we can make the claim that she fucking!
Fronting for the eyes of her lover
Double one
Snake eye
Living in a false paradise
Got 4 baits
I received two bites
Hook nice
The samurai
Don't try
But if the flow
Down river
We fight
On two terms
That was college and
Bitch I aced em
Dont pay attention
U can look at plates I ate from
The A1 on prime rib
With the bacon
Don't eat the pig
Like Muhammad
To brother x if we could meet
I'd be delighted
Not In slightest angry
Because they did it to you
Made it in the world they didn't give it to you
More about the numbers
Look I did it too you
I took away your OHs and excitement
The real reason I prolly had ya wife bent
But calm down
Don't trip
I'll be side nigga
She the one she sending pictures of yo house nigga
I'll be in it
30 minutes in and out nigga

Prolly come around with hammer
MC looking sharper than my grammar
clips off by multiple
Gun smoke will get a boat high
The untouchable
I'm so nice
I give her d....
her comfortable
You kick her out
With a lunch able
Cute model
Light meals....
keep-her tummy full
As I ponder bout it's
So wonderful

I wish I had model
In my bedroom
Or maybe sitting gazing under stars
If we lived there
You probably think about what you'd wear
below the waist
Or something crazy you made
Up again
I love it
Keep doing you
Crazy time we living in
I'm so odd for my time frame
I'm quite lost
In this tough game

The ones that say they got me
Got got
And they never came back from the cage of forgotten
The rope snapped
one soul to the army
Is weighed in less terms
right move avoid less turns
battle cry
Shake yo spirit
Have you reaching for the tums
When ya heart burn
Go head and cool off
The cold isn't kind
And it waits in the dark of the night

Niggas wanna talk
Telling everybody I ain't ducking
If you got problem then address it
With discussion
If you sneaky
Ima split ya fuckin cells
Until you nothing
HAD enough time
Playing chess from a distance
Everybody different
But I rarely see the difference
Rapping reading pages out of fiction
How you living?
Cause ya rhyming is a tale of Contradictions

People telling me shit that I didn't
Even know
Hyping shit that ain't even dope
No talent ass niggas
Banking pens for the stroke
If you swallowed jacks beans
Bet you wouldn't even grow
Give em thumbs up
When we know that shit lame
You a fucking character we know u want fame
Better off
Selling CDs out my trunk with a white mask on
A clipper home game

I got 4 baits
I received one bite
The hook nice
But this time
It got tired
And she swooped in
Had me on the edge like the wire
I just gotta zone for a while
Sometimes ima blow the smoke
For a while
Tell me she just quit she ain't
Smoke in a while
Never trust a butt and smile
But we smile when that ass come around

It's like a ring around the Rosie
We give em roses
Then they want tulips
Then the store don't even have the tulips
So be happy about what u have
Cause nothing lasts forever
I don't even know I'm saying
Let the beat play
Track Name: Come & Go
It's funny how this shit go
It's funny how the world turn
Cause time isn't given
It was written by the leaders of the free world
Leaders of the bees
Make babies
Leaders of the trees
Come daily
Lead ya damn self
Before you drowning in a ocean
With a shark called life
And it's jaws wide open
Come and play death
With a token
More then getting high
To calm demons
That we're playing with my focus
More than
Asking why I wasn't chosen
More than seeing niggas
Blow up
Knowing damn well
They either jacked styles
Or they know someone
Tried to humble
Like my time was coming
But it's not
Life is not predicted by a clock
But the dials
Do turn in a circle
For ya life
Rot or either survive
My niggas survive
We upptity up
In yo face with a ski mask a
Fist n a knife n
The forces collide
We bringing that crack in the pure
Most of y'all niggas manure
Dont compare
To these clones
One who is not
The water reflects
Is a copy of dung
Judged by the lies from the tongue
Looks like an offer GOD
My niggas survive
Fuck is you saying to me..
What you bad
Cause you carrying heat
But that heat
Isn't scary to me
I almost shook hands with the devil
Judge another man
I would never
Only give a damn
Bout my fam
Only gIve a rat
What they need
Past that
Toss em right back in
Put em right next to ya kin
Crack touch flesh
Boil hot
With a pack full sins
But I love that shit
I'm just trying fuck her like I love that chick
She just need effection
Cause she run to quick
From any situation called
Love at that
Nigga face it
Let her Fall back into matrix
Cop a new feel
Maybe make a new acquaintance
I ain't gunna flex
Until I make it
More then being fake
When the facts lean toward
A new plaintiff
Jury can't replace a
Long sentence
Leaning from a pint of that McGinnis
With a lemon
And couple
Blind thoughts
No direction
Sleep is not resting
Only when the trails are being tested
Only when we trail
To a power manifested
Only when ya backed in a corner
Can you use a trump card
Cause the victor is the one less expected
Can't you get it like me.....
To any women I see.....
They just come and go....

Stop all the playing
I see ya..
If your lies
Were a image
We'd probably see em
Hide in a cabin
With weed and a brew
And pass out when u pass it
Wish away all of your wrong
Now that's magic
Wish away all of your doubt
But I doubt that you'd do it
Cause guilt is the neighbor of pleasure
I heard they sleeping together
I heard that guilt was with honest
But honest was creeping with pleasure
And pleasure is honestly guilt
Making my promises felt
walking the path I created
Is harder then
Balancing time for the money and all ya friends
Just to say I wasn't there
I wasn't where
Just know my presence
Is felt
And all my intentions are real
Track Name: Circus In Town
Look there's a circus town
Gather around in the center
With bottoms on ground
Smell the aroma and listen
the stomp of the sound
Losing emotion
Like clowns
The bigger the fall
The reaction of awes in the crowd
What if your life was involved
Walking the wire of life
Hope to God you don't fall
Until then it's Kill em All
I cycle the worlds
Escape when the universe calls
I carry in bulk
Don't notice that
Then ask me I'll give a resolve
9 out of 10
I was wrong
9 out of 10
Let's pretend
That i passed with awards
Spread the love
What is a war?
Warning civilians
The lions escaped the den
9 out of 10 I just lied
9 out of 10 let's pretend
That were dead on ground
Maybe they'll notice the shit
Or maybe they'll chomp on that ass
Maybe they'll choke from the silicon poison and pass
Maybe if
Life wasn't focused
On glamour and glitz and
Pretending to be a bitch
And portraying people
That go under knives and make drama
Maybe the world would be smarter
Maybe my life would be filled with
Emotionless karma
Maybe my life has just started
This isn't life
If a women is 5 and 3 quarters
And has an ass that's enormous
And niggas take pictures the camera
Saddest thing is it's the wrong kind of glory
Cause glory
Engulfs everyone under like for the story
What you got
And some Jordan's?
Gather around in the center
With bottoms on ground
People are fools for reactions
Judge everybody
But really they the main attractions
Try to be different
Just be your self
I'm just saying
What are you tryna maintain
Mistaking that real
For the script
Cause your night was a movie
Trust me...
none y'all
Fool me
Stop thinking
Rights to the kingdom
Is money and jewkerly
And bitches you bought
That you using
Trust me
The sword Is a double
Fuck all material
Gimme a life I can change and I'm with it
I'm honest and giving
But far from a dummy
Words can't get you my loving
But words can get you a helping of kicks to the stomach
Trampoline jump
Then you plummet

(Tell me you feel it?)2x

The joker walked into room
The smile deceives
The lights the cars the crowds
The laughs from far are loud
But silence is worse than a scold
Worse than a curse
From a power to make you reborn when you old
Live ya life searching for souls
Living cannot be word
Living ain't shit I deserve
Ill just exist in a world
That is far from the dreams
That I had as a boy
Still I see stars never die
And I wouldn't count on the heavens
For tickets or rides
Only yourself can decide
I'll be a clown or a demon
A angel
Or saint
A jackle a sheep an eagle or snake
Just visit me
Look at this sight full estate...
The circus in town

The circus in town
(Look at it look at it wow)
Track Name: More (Man Right Now)
Mah fucker
I'm the man round here
They don't know it yet
I got more
I'm surprised i didn't blow it yet
She dropped down I'm
Surprised she didn't blow it yet
time for me to go and get it
Put her In the whip
Told her wait
Ima go and get it
she rolled a couple L's
While she waited
Then she put in my face
When I came in
Then I came in
Like LA
Good weather
For the Becky
Now the situation sticky
Need a wet wipe
She looking at me hmmm
So he that type
Never twisted
Fuck I look like
Settling for less when I got more
So many claps that I asked her for a encore
The Encore ain't the rock like Hova
Command the (whatt) she a soilder
Plus she own shit like oprah
Got a cookbook
She marinated in my young ones
Hol up
She marinated in my young ones
She call me daddy
But she never had one
I'm the first
Any route I take I make it work
Really wanna live
Really bout it
You can see it
On my wrist
Really tryna change a life
Rather switching up a crib
But it's rare
Niggas never really make it there
If we taking but my wrist then it's nothing
Gave it to a kid
Now he got time and a dream
Lines and a scheme
For the bigger picture
I call these wanna be thugs
Little big niggas
Just a little bit
Of creed and a lil more weed
And I'll draw the things out
That you couldn't even see
Niggas blind to the truth dawg
I'm looking at em like DAYUM
What are you on
I'll try niggas
Fuck around and get pooped on
Maybe hooped on
Fuck a dunk
Ima run and throw the hoop on em

You ain't tryna stretch that check
no more!
You ain't tryna work that desk
No more!
You ain't tryna walk in those shoes they hurt!
Baby take em off for a minute
Let ya hair down
And give these mah fuckers
That WORK!

Mah fucker
I'm the man round here
They don't know it yet
Track Name: Life is Good
got the answer

Put 3 blind mice
Infront of truth and
Tell them decide
The confines of a human
Is as bout wide as a
The cops
Pop up on everything city
Point ya hands towards the sky
Then it's pop
In one summer
The body count
I'm alive as a
Ima rob a home
When it's dusk
And I'll feed
The stereotype
Cause my rights are drowned by the wrongs
And not a damn funny
We ventured from a home
To the inner gutters
We slang
We rotting
Down the bone
Then it's tears
When beloved is dropped inside of coffin
Dropped inside of hole
The presence left on a stone
The adolescence
Is reckless
Instead of books
It's a weapon
Of mass d
Fuck the world
Till I'm gone
Give props to the non
Is not what we need
If a rock was placed in ya lane
Would you rely on the
Of the working force
Bag and zip
And zip
The potent weed
Or a ox pill
Bring the proudest human
To their knees
But maybe I'm just an outcast
Cause when
You rise to power
To quickly
The envy
Invades the king
Life a chess game
Burry ya tower
where ya rook?...
Fool analysis
Tech paralysis leave you shook
Move me second row
Conquered ya bishop
No stalemate
After I captured the queen and ya king
It's a checkmate
I advise you to
Press play
To all attached to my name
If I leave the earth
Leaving nothing
These words I speak
Stay in vein
Then the blood
That was once shed
Is just dust
To sweep under rugs
Greetings turned into bags
Can't. Revert
The flesh
Back to dawn
All we need is a death
To unite us
And set it off
We genocide everyday
It's domestic
So where's the cause
Its a shame
We belittle
Without perfecting
Our flaws
The streets call
You riding or not
to go and kill
that tooly right in the trunk
The Bullets aimed to his
The bullets tapped him
Say hi
ON YO way up
These chains
Been on so long
I swear to GOD
I can crack rust
Been down for so long
I can thrive in a hell
That's my situation
Alive in the bowels
Of hells goat
The signal of life
Is started by
Inhale youll choke
On ya dinner plate
I see you eat with your eyes
But yo ain't see the consequences
That this tale holds
Take lives
And clap fives
This world
Make me wonder
What's next?

Kill burn
Stop us before we
for see
Rob souls
Enslave us to
What you want us to see
But life's good
Yeah life's good

More power
Being a human is overrated
Tainted vision
Look we putting peace into remission
Life is good
Life is good

So where the hell do we go?
I hold the key
But I feel a third party pushing
So if I can break them
I'm breaking down any
Any color
Any genre
Any margin
That makes us look at eachother
And say
Wait wait
This is what's different
So back away
And this gateway
Is like the serpent trail
Don't wander off
If you lose traces of steps
Then ya mirror
Won't show reflections
Of past days
Lesson learned
And class is in session
For dead weights
Ima tryna defibilize
These prone zombies
And castrate
The power from thing we all created
I must say
These niggas falling off
Like burnt char
In this ash tray
I'm tryna move past Dre
I'm tryna move past ye
I'm tryna link
My mind to their genius
Facilitate all my findings
To the people
Write it down
On my slab
They call this the new Egypt.
I call me the
New villain
Cause niggas
Won't see the next phase

visions relapse
Are far apart
I'm straight forward
Tryna get point across
The band river
I would need the jack of all trades
To build me an arc the size of an orca
Park that shit in the water
And handle all of assortments
Feed the corpses to the water
And grind up that grade A
I need to meditate
Cause my mind to gone
My wills to strong
Track Name: Child's Play
Get in where you fit in
Even if
The alley way is tight
Even if ya foes push away
With such might
That the after shock hurt you
Damage only last
For short times
Then it's back to being court side
I never take advice from
Clowns who sit and
Cheer loud
With some Pom poms
Niggas are sweeter than a boon boon
Rapping bout the arms
That they carry
But I'm arm strong
Don't you see the arc
On my shot dawg
Suffocated apply Vicks
That shot dog
Chain wrap
I send y'all niggas back into groud dawg
Only time ya head pop
Is when the spring come
Like a ground hog..
Fuck everybody
I don't care
About a social life
I sit and laugh
When I see open mics
Clapping for atrocity
All of my old feelings and thoughts
If you buy em
Maybe you straighten up...

Latley I've been seeing people fucking up
And I'm a fuck up
Voicing your opinion
Nigga shut up
You ain't make ya own shit
How you gon say what I should clean up
Better take your talents to
The clinic
Take ya seed
And put it where ya mouth is
Niggas are bratz
And I don't like kids
Everyone on twitter a philosopher
Sluts for comments
Get the big picture change
The appature
Ima call a officer
Maybe he can help me find my consciousness...
Walking through the shadows
Feel the ominous
From my blood thirst
Lady don't tempt me it could get worst
Make you take the sausage like a brot worst
Bitches don't want me
So what
Success does
That karma
So when it comes back I'm at the forefront
You can kiss my gloots
If you think else wise
Fucking tough guys
This highschool
Take ya lunch and park your ass on that side
These small cliques
And bicker and bats
These bastards think
They know it all
They don't!
But who should tell em
Maybe you
Cause I've been trying
But this little engine couldn't reach the mountain
He's helpless
Freed em to the wolves
My body acing for some seconds
Fuck the records
Niggas clipping games
And fans are just the helpers
One foot in two graves
That's for receivers and the sender
Recollect the handed brothers
Form my own fucking syndicate
The sin is a memory
I wish I relived
pass the potion
To enlighten me
fire rips
Through my body
I feel it seap through my
Cruel lips
The new shit
Is now a hit or miss
And niggas Shaq from the line
I'm shaq in his prime
Break the back
If you act like you play d
You reach
you postered
Watch the pros play
From ya sofa...
And if you wanna jump
Go on jump
I guarentee
When you land
Ya foundation will get chopped
Stuff you back in the caravan
And just ride
Track Name: Feel That/Hustle
Money on my mind
Got time now
I think about
friends and fam
But in time theyll died out
What a shame it is
Now the clones all pouring in
It's your loss
And I'm sure it is
piss poor's
Better off than rich
Red dot for the hancho
Ride round with a hood n smile
But life hard cuz your skin ain't blanco

Everyday I see
Karma in
The Carnage land
Of over sin
They got ops
Pulling strings and shit
And I'm young
So what floor is your office in

Nice suit
He a family man
Wife and kids

But our kids all
Checks from these fancy clowns
To get drinks
From the corner store
The same ones that they robbing now

That's what they want ?!
Then that's what they get
If you feel me I know that's you bigger
That's why I don't get in the mix
And I know that they watching
I feel it
As soon I as step out the crib
Made it to far just stop
But You know that I'm

Talk about racks
You ain't got
Or talk about the work
Put in
Talk about the hood you rep
And all the foul shit you did
Niggas ain't bout that drama
Niggas ain't bout that shit
You claim your life
is it really in your hands

Yo hands
Yo hands
You claim your life
But is it really in your hands

My alarm go
Posture my spine
Hit the yawn
Now I'm thinking about my last convo last night

She banging brain like she Kurt co
I'm in Jhoto
At the plateau
find me when you got 8 more
escape rope
Out yo cave bitch
The same shit
When you find a rare candy
Can't save shit
Bill around the corner with a torchick
We passing fires from the torches
Bringing tour chicks
To the fortress
She look exotic like imported
Wine cork bent
Burst ya bubble big ass puff fish
I say puff this
she running out of breath
She can't function
Ask me out to dinner
I brought lunch in
Shit she going crazy off the fizzy
Like kel and sunkist
Columbus your boat has now sunken
Nobody is safe
That pedistole
Will fall crumbling
Todem pole
Bitch I'm Paul bunyon

She lying if she said she wanted nothing
I told her I could meet her every need
Pure perfection can't make it a guarantee
But let's see
I give her wants
And what I want I shall receive
Always try to play the tough act
And acting
Probably get they ass an oscar
An oscar probably get they ass a sportscast
But really what they gunna do after?

Probably sell a zip
Of weakest piff
To the kids
On a school zone
Take the cash n
tell em to make it quick
Cause niggas we gotta live
A nigga gotta eat
Skull n bones
Grimy matter
Picking right under my teeth
MmI got heat for the cold hearts
Winter for streets
I guess the hood love you like a deadbeat
Head first
Into the action
Look he bleeding
Someone call the medics
Selling false hope
And then they taking all the credit
Bitch I'm gone
Track Name: Say That
Life is but a joke
I can't believe
Didn't catch
I said life a joke
Now move backwards
Buttah can't believe it's not magic
Others can't believe I'm far past em
Others can't receive the whole Package
Others creep in dm's
With emojis
And a buncha punch lines
Yes they see em
Thought they wouldn't
But I guess you guessed wrong
No hard feelings
See she leaving
Never get it twisted
Ima bonfires magician
Pulling rabbits that's my secret
Niggas wouldn't tell you
That they stunting with a Beamer
Never bought it probably leased it maybe got it rented for feature
On a Instagram post
Peace sign
Leaning back on the bumper
And they'll probably get the number
Looking at these women me wonder
If I gotta lottah tats meaning nothing
And I blending with the others
And I didn't read manga
Would they love me
If I sagged my pants
With the tommy logo on my ass cheek
Would she ask me
Any fucking question
That would lead me to her ass cheeks
Or would she walk
Niggas see the green
And then they go
Me I saw a yellow Asian girl
Let me slow down baby
Bet I stopped I'm ready at the door
If u want it then I got it
All u do is ask for more
Anything you need just let me know
If u need commitment
Ima take some time with it ll
All alone is all I know
Let me back track
All I need is something past rap
I don't wanna be a lump some
Getting low funds
For big gimmicks and a clown act
I'm done
I need to hit the road jack
Jacking styles is something that
won't impress
On a big boat
The titanic I just jumped ship

Say that pt 2

Never knew she had me
Like that
Even if I tried to
Step back
She'd say that
Say that
Say that

Never knew she'd use it like
Didn't have a choice to come back
When shed say
Say that
Say that

Heart is matter
Heart is neither beating or
Smile faster
Keep the people
Distant from
Is open
But the core is just a
Didn't mama tell you
Not to ever play with
Pressing buttons
You would think I'm just a
Push the pendulum
We sit on either side
And watch
Until the cycle stop
It's done..
Look the storm approaches
Will we stand
The rain of
Or will you
Until a sailor
Picks u up
Look and then your
Look for
Any shelter
Cause it's raining cats and dogs
Bitches niggas
Get it
Your enlightened from the song
Test the wave of water
Guess I waited
Out the storm

Never knew she had me
Like that
Even if I tried to
Step back
She'd say that
Say that
Say that

Never knew she'd use it like
Didn't have a choice to come back
When shed say
Say that
Say that

Never knew she had me
Like that
Even if I tried to
Step back
She'd say that
Say that
Say that

Never knew she'd use it like
Didn't have a choice to come back
When shed say
Say that
Say that
Track Name: Turning
Number 1 villain
I'm mile high...
Bitch what you call that
Money run life
It's a combat
You can buy that house but u can't buy
Peek into the future
Like I move that dope
Sniff a couple lines
Like I sell that coke
Got ropes
Let em hang
Cause ya man might choke
99 problems
But I won't go broke...
My homies
Stay down they know..
Fickle shit is not in my home..
Only got a couple things I really don't know
That's girls money why the world turn
Ya bitch calling put her on hold..
Got another line
With a dime I know..
Gottah make a test make sure she know
Shit ain't gon fly If don't pass my bros
Got got
Money on the low
Put a botch will a silcom chest
In a pool let her float
With a beach ball
And a tiara
He outtah
Let her drown
And in mowt
Silly ol clowns do the most
Ima put it down for the coast
You can play around if you want
Baby tried to steal some shit and I caught that hoe....

Don't play with the money if you can't pay
Catch me in SD
chilling with my
That white gate where the best stay
The best days
End quick
N the worst last all day
The best head I ain't had yet
The best chick take a cab here
Got no threats
From the these wanna be thugs
Slang rock
But you can't spell rock in a leap year

Number 1 villain
I'm mile high...
Bitch what you call that
Bitch you can buy that bag
But ya tank still low
Still at the bank
With a check book
BOUTTA let it bounce
For ya boy
Make it go around for the boy
Maybe I can throw a gold coin
Play around with ya toy
Buss it on the ground for the boy
Got a
Thang for a girl with a mindset
Many wanna thang with a big chest
And a phat ass
Long weave and some contacts
I just wanna down good girl
I just wanna queen
That can roll tree
Spark it on up
Pass it down to ya boy
Maybe she can fondle the boy
Have a good time
Never worry bout her hounding the boy
But the world keep turn
Many stand still
But I gotta keep burning
Tryna get the money
Like I'm broke
With a whole fam
And the bills pile so I need that urgent
Tryna cash out
Like warren
Never go broke cause opposition love it
Gotta stay smart
With a smile
And nice hand
I'm a guyjin
But I call it my home
Sleep in the ripples of time
Sleep with a couple dimes
Add em all up that 50
Quality always do better in time
A lot things all on mind
A lot of plans
Waiting to shine
A lot love waiting to give
And a whole lottah grind
Track Name: Noise
You fucking with that noise right now
But I don't wanna talk right now...
Looking at my face
Yea she read me like a book
Guess she know it...
But does she really wanna find out
Does she?
And can I really find a way out...
Cause allI hear is noise...
And all she see is money
Like she got it
Granted ima throw it
when she give it
Wanna buss it open for the possey
I understand if you ain't wait it
I just hope your being honest
Cause a nigga working tryna throw some Dollaz
If you play it safe
I'll put you in the islands
While the water splash ya booty
Sippin on coladas
Make a choice I gave the option

You fucking with that noise right now

Pussy on my mental
But I never get it
Something I been missing
Can you be the missing link
I need to feel it
Lure the bait
I'm Finna real in
Billion fucking fishes
Where the releast
Niggas to obssed
With getting famous
Tryna be The Nigga
In ya city
But there's a world
You ain't seeing..
It's yourself you ain't being
There's a being that can make a better man
And another do em filthy
Tell me
Are still with me?
I don't feel that you can hear me
Understand ima push until I get in
I say the truth and nothing less
If u know me
I'm the releast
Wanna talk nigga say it with ya chest
And muh fucker don't forget

you fucking with that noise right now (x3)

When ya come around
you don't know
Now you know you bumping that noise
Got a mother fucka
Popping off
They know that I'm the boy
Gotta love me
Man, I give em no choice...
Got my own back
Backing down these suckers
Up and under
I remember when I had hustle change from my mother
Now the only thang
Are my numbers
And I'm still screaming fuck em!
To the ones who didn't ride with me
But they always getting with high with me
Always knew I'd make it big
Ain't no other route for me
There is
But I chose this
Ima be a living legend
When I die ima leave a legend
Plotting in the back
Never had to wonder where I'm at
You a hear a verse got em saying bring it back
Bring it back
But you fucking with that noise
Right Now!
Got em fucking with that noise right now!
Bang shit
Gunna have to make me bring the boys out !!
You fucking with that noise right now!
You don't hear me you been ducking all the noise by now!
Must be frustrated right now
Girl taking nut like her name Chester
And the devil wear prada
So I'll stunt in Hefner
Robes and set of bad ones
Take shots
Then I'm calling every cab up
3 for the misses
Oh you see the manners
Open gates
To the noise manner
With a dancer
Bring cameras
Wanna shine bring ya ass to stage Haaaaa
She back up
Ass follow where her face turn
I think a nigga fell in LUST
Hit it like you stole somethin
Hit it like I hate you
But I love it when we do it
But I hate the after guesses
Over weather it was worth it
Or I label it as pleasure
Never guilty always honest
In the light of Armageddon
Something I was missing
Or did i miss that I was hittin
Probably in dismissive
You need to turn right down
And you fucking with that
You fucking that noise noise right now

Got you FUXKING with the noise right now
Bet you fucking with the noise right now
Got em fucking with the noise right now

We go
Life is still
We still hear the same songs
When you high
You wanna turn that noise on
Everyday a job
We switching uniforms

We go
People notice that we changing up our songs
When they high
They wanna turn that noise on
Everyday is bliss
In every time zone